"My key vales in my profession are respect, competence and development"


My key values in my profession are respect, competence and development.

Respect: This to me a key word in all human interaction, but especially when meeting a person that is going through a difficult time. You should thank yourself for being brave enough to look out for yourself and taking action towards changing your current situation.

Competence: I take my work seriously. I believe that  I have a professional committment strivning for being updated on the latest psychological research.  Psychological difficulties should be taken just as serious as somatic difficulties and you should get the best treatment available.

Development: Therapy is for me a learning process where you train yourself in becoming an expert in understanding, changing and taking care of your own psychological wellbeing in the best possible way. Even if I am the person who will guide you on this journey, I believe that there is a mutual learning between psychologist and client. 

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